Okayyyyyy, this is a lot of tea to start with, we all know social media has been crazy this week. But WHATS UP KANYE??? From his tweets a couple months prior to Yeezy season to his rants at his Sacramento show to cancelling this LA show to cancelling his WHOLE ENTIRE tour and then to putting hands on staff ??? What’s going on with Kanye west we all ask. The Yeezy adidas mogul was recently taken to the Los Angeles hospital for mental breakdown after a staff had called the cops on him because he tried to assault them. The internet has been making jokes about the situation also the internet has been very supportive to Mr west, from celebrities sharing heart warming captions on instagram or very touchy feely tweets #TwitterFingers. Most people believe it’s the “kardashian curse” sounds familiar right ? No? Yes? Okay… well many people believe the kardashian clan has a big hand in the downfall of all the men who have come into their lives. Scott disick aka the lord himself (Kourtneys baby daddy) to Lamar odom (Khloes ex husband) and now Mr west. Needless we are all praying for Mr West and we all hear his wife Kim Kardashian hasn’t left his side at his hospital bed ever since the incident. Let’s wish Mr West a speedy recovery!.