The Ohio state university was quickly under investigation after an attack on Monday is ruled as a possible terrorist act. Suspect 18-year old Abdul Artan from Somali who goes to the State University and is a Legal permanent resident of the United States, injured nine people, first with a car and then with a knife. 

The suspect was said to have purposely driven over a curb, hitting multiple pedestrians before attacking and stabbing several people with a knife. 

A 28-year old Police Officer; Alan Hurujko responded to the crime scene in a minute and shot the suspect dead. 

“He engage the suspect and eliminated the threat” Craig Stone, Chief of the University’s Police Department said. 

None of the injuries were life threatening thankfully, although one victim was initially listed in a critical condition. 

The said attack prompted panic on campus, and Univerisity Officials sent a tweet urging students to “Run,Hide and Fight”. Students ran for safety and some using chairs to barricade themselves in the classrooms. 

One student tweeted and shared: 

Also, a picture of the Heroic officer surfaced. Take a look 

Our hearts and Prayers are with the victims of The Ohio State University, and hopefully there can be an end to violence in our schools sooner than later.