Five people survived and 76 others died when a chartered plane carrying a Brazilian professional soccer team crashed in Medellin Colombia. Gen Jose Acevedo, the head of police in the mountainous area of the Jungle where the plane came down, confirmed the deaths to the reporters early Tuesday. 

They were travelling from Bolivia to play in the final of the Copa Sudamericana tournament when the plane crashed around 10pm on Monday. Authorities said the plane had reported electrical problems as it flew near the towns of La Ceja and La Union in mountainous areas around Medellin. 

The crash crushed the hopes of one of the most impressive success stories in Brazilian soccer in Southern Brazil. The team was the pride of Chapecó, a staid city of 210,000, known for its food processing plants and other agribusiness ventures. 

Roberto Panarotta a 44-year old professor of media studies in Chapecó said “This is a relatively small city, so everyone knows somebody who was on the plane.” He added that he lost a childhood friend in the crash, a member of the coaching staff.

Our prayers are going out to the Family of the victims of this plane crash. 

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