So it has been proposed that from December 1, the cost of data in Nigeria will increase. The NCC is the organization which Nigerians place their faith in to regulate telecommunications in the country and protect customer rights and interests.CBN governor Godwin Emefiele had earlier proposed to the Federal Government to introduce tax charge on phone calls. However, the increase in data costs might be due to the fact that Nigerians are increasingly using data services in the country. 

Some sources have it that the current data plan of 1.5 Gigabytes for N1,000 will increase to N3,000 at the rate of 500 Megabytes per N1,000. 

Figures from the NCC website show that over 93 million Nigerians are data subscribers with introduction to new apps like Netflix and Whatsapp video calling. This development is also likely to reduce productivity within young Nigerians who have an interest in developing apps across the country, as accessing the internet will become a challenge. 

Many Nigerians are responding negatively to this new development and already there is an online petition going around in an effort to clamp down on the expected increase in cost.