The Central Bank of Nigeria on Tuesday, said its Anchor Borrowers Programme for the promotion of Agriculture had set the country to begin exportation of rice by 2017. The programme launched in July and jointly set target. 

According to Mr Isaac Okorafor, the Acting Director of Corporate Communicationfs of the Apex Bank. Farmers in Kebbi, Jigawa, Ebonyi, Sokoto, and Cross River state amongst others, have already keyed into the programme resulting in massive rice cultivation. 

He said the country would achieve self-sustenance in rice production if the momentum was sustained. He also said that with the fast pace of the development of this programme, the country will not only meet its goal of 6-7 million tons of rice, but will also have surplus to export. 

He therefore urged farmers to take pride in farming, adding that the Anchor Borrowers Programme was an intervention to reduce their burden.