There’s no doubt that Rapper Tyga and social media influencer Kylie Jenner are definitely in love. Atlanta Rapper 21 Savage has expressed his love interest for Kylie Jenner so many times on twitter. 

Here’s a twitter screenshot from 21’s twitter account: 

Rapper tyga wasn’t having it and decided to take shots at 21 Savage on a diss track preview via Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat. You can hear him say “why you only got one car in a 12 car garage”. Now we all know a few months back, Rapper Drake had purchased a Ferrari for 21 Savage, and tyga took shots at him saying “Sucking d**k for a Ferrari”. Hmmm… wasn’t Tyga’s ferrari repossessed just a few days ago? Lol. 

However, 21 savage caught wind of the diss song and threw shots at tyga using drakes line on his meek mill diss track Back 2 Back 😳 

So many people believe that Kylie Jenner does spend hella coins on Tyga. And we all know that line was a THE highlight of 2015 when drake dropped his Back 2 Back hit track taking shots at Meek Mill #messyboots. 

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