Chile, it’s like there were angels everywhere all over the place, let these pictures give you life amen 🙏🏻 :

When you hear there’s a basketball teamed party but you still came to slay:

Roses are Red,  Violets are blue, I like ribbons and I hope you do too:

Caribbean ain’t seen nothing like this before!:

Thanksgiving is over but she ain’t done yet #TurkeyIsBeautiful:

The real definition of spread your wings and fly away or maybe just act like it:

There’s a saying that porcupines can be much more than painful. They can be beautiful too and this proves it:

Now you know she has caught every bouquet at every wedding she went for 💐:

Did someone say they needed sexy cheerleaders?:

Just a very sassy goth woman trusssss mi daddy:

When it’s your wedding day and the theme is everything but wedding:

Let’s go play with some bulls:

Now that’s one hell of an outfit ken!: 

I’m getting asiany beady glittery vibes:

Let me be your butterfly in human form:

Me: you know those designs on ceramic plates and stuff? 

Designer: yeah…

Me: I want it 

Designer: say no more ma’am:

Pink is the new Black; Black is the new Pink: 

Did someone hire a lingerie Goddess?:

Hey look! I’m a piñata princess 😁

Smile because your feathers are beautiful: 

I love rock music and rnb:

Not sure if I’m a moose or I’m a glitter moose:

There can only be one Beyoncé but I give a good impression: