23 year old Chris Kwekowe took part in a television interview with Bill Gates where a few of Africa’s up and coming entrepreneurs were featured. 

At the interview Chris had told Bill Gates to his face that he turned down a job offering at Microsoft. “Gates was very much intrigued and he smiled” says Chris. He also said “After the program, all the directors were like ‘Dude you mean you actually turned down a job at Microsoft and had the guts to tell Bill Gates?.” 

The reason why Chris Kwekowe declined the job offer is because he wants to focus on his joint start up with his brother Emerald, called Slatecube. 

According to Newsweek, a survey of 90,000 was taken in Nigeria this past January where it was found that 45% of graduates were unemployed. The research showed that they were rejected for lack of professional skills such as critical thinking, decision making, and entrepreneurship. The main focus of Slatecube is to help people develop these skills.