Uber for the first time ever realeased a detailed list of behaviours that would get riders banned from using the service completely. Take a Look 👀 

Have sex with a driver or another rider 

Bring a gun along for the ride 

Break the Law in an Uber 

Uber’s anti crime rule is obvious; no stealing, you’re not allowed to bring opened alcohol, don’t ask the driver to break the speed limit, don’t try to defraud your way out of paying, and dire shit like “drug and human trafficking” Issa No. 
Barf Everywhere 

Destroying of the driver’s property or other passengers property is prohibited. So if you’re going home after a drunk night, compost yourself!. 
Stalk your driver 

Do not try to contact or visit the driver after the ride is over unless they state otherwise. Harassing them can get you banned from Uber. 
Be a racist 

It’s 2016 and Uber ain’t got time for racist people or discriminate against the religion, national origin, disability, sexuality, or age of driver. 
Fight Somebody 

This goes along with the “no unwanted physical contact” rule, but if you hurt a driver or a rider, you’re probably gonna get banned.