Over the weekend, Blac Chyna’s instagram was allegedly hacked and there were some leaked text messages on there showing conversations with best friend Treasure and her Lawyer. The leaked messages sure did break the internet as some messages revealed Blac Chyna’s plan to “use” Rob Kardashian as a means to get back at her baby daddy Tyga who is currently dating Rob’s younger sister Kylie. Rob kardashian took to Instagram and snapchat showing how heartbroken he was seeing those messages and Blac Chyna also left him and took everything out of their family home. 

Now the internet wasn’t too sure how to react to this whole drama as the Kardashians are known for pulling all kinds of publicity stunts, like this family has no limit. Also, it was a little too suspicious due to the fact that this whole drama happened a day before their Tv show Rob & Chyna was airing. In fact, majority people believe it was a publicity stunt to boost the ratings of their show. 

However, today things seem to be on the better side for both Rob and Chyna as he apologized to her on Instagram and promised to do better for their baby girl Dream. 

Blac Chyna then responded with to Rob’s apology showing acceptance. 

Well publicity stunt or not, at least things are looking good for these two.