Can someone say petty? Lol! Now most of us believe that if an engagement is called off the woman has to return the ring to her ex. Well as for Mariah this rule doesn’t seem to apply to her as she and her billionaire ex James officially called it quits. 

Mariah appeared on “Watch what happens live” and spilled the tea as to why she’s keeping the ring. 

She said   This is stuff that happened in my life, for real. I just don’t want to put anybody in the position where they have to look at something they don’t want to see. And it’s hurtful. These are actually, like, real moments and so it was something that I really…[sigh] how do you talk about it?”

She continued to say.. 

“it’s so fresh. It kind of just happened.”

But added, 

I believe that if it was supposed to happen, it would’ve happen.